Sunday, April 29, 2012

My website is now online :)

Dear Friends, I am so happy that finally my website is finished and online. I want to thank Alexander, without his help it would not be possible to be finished. Thank you so much Alexander for the great support, inspiration and patience during the last months.
This project took us some time :) and effort to realise it, I hope you like it. The website will be updated regularly with my new works. The name „es regnet“„ it is raining“„ вали“ is one of my favourite words and it describes the way I feel my art...

I wish you a nice weekend and happy spring :)


  1. на добър час! чудесен е, а аз само началната страница видях...има толкова за разглеждане..и името ми харесва, и всичко!браво на александър също!

  2. Много благодаря Ерна :))!

  3. Your site's homepage is very unique, and the site itself is very easy to navigate. I love your work, Mariya. It's a good time to wander around your site and know more about your style. :D

  4. Thank you very much Sage :-))))