Monday, December 31, 2018

I am awake

Hi everyone, it feels so good to end this year exactly with this announcement from my side. Today marks exactly four years since my spiritual awakening. During this time I went through amazing energy changes which completely and fully transformed my all life. Angelic beings, archangels especially archangel Michael, the fire angels Seraphim, which I love so much connected with me at first place. It was exactly the end of 2014. I connected to different star systems and different ET beings too – some of them were great teachers to me and supported me in the last years of growing and healing. I had the opportunity to learn a lot through channelling from them and to see and understand different energies trough my third eye and had a lot of out of body experiences. A very old knowledge was awaken in me and I started to remember so much about Kabbalah and Astrology. My higher self supports me with all the love I can imagine and brings to me incredible experiences in order to help me to grow and to have the courage to come out in this world with all the great pictures and information I collected over these years. In this time I went trough many themes of my life (also old lifetimes) and was supported by the non-physical to work on myself to be able to hold the new energies and frequencies in my grid. Because of this I had to dive deeply into shadow work and it was and still is a great challenge to me to integrate and heal the different archetypes of the self in my system. There was a lot of chaos in my inner universe and I never knew how much “stuff” I was suppressing inside. I had to do a lot with fears and a lot of old life trauma showed up. After these processes I feel very inspired to write about energetic fields and grids of different times that humanity went through, because we still didn’t overcome these themes as collective consciousness. My wish is, to support and help in this time to transform the old pattens which are holding us back.

I drew this picture in the beginning of my ascension and feel so happy to post it with this announcement!

I am very very excited to tell you that I am going to start a NEW BLOG where I am going to write about my spiritual experiences and will show a lot of wonderful spiritual material through drawings and pictures as well as articles for the first time. I will talk about many different spiritual subjects on this blog and share with you my thoughts, feelings and visions about astrology, family therapy and ancestral wounds but also healing with hands and my experiences with Reiki energies and dragon energy, the amazing angel kingdom which is absolutely real and also the connection with different beings I met and draw. I had a great experiences with stones and crystals and feel inspired to create mandalas and healing circles.

We are all lucky to be born in this time space reality because we have the opportunity to understand that we never left Paradise – we are all keepers of this garden here on Mother Earth. This is time in which physical and non-physical are not divided and disconnected any more. Each and every being can connect with its roots and source and bring a HOMOGENIC HEALED PERSONALITY into this three dimensional world.

All my love and light to you, I wish you an amazing year


Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Dear Friends I whish you warm and beautiful Christmas and Healthy, Happy New Year 2019 full of Love and Joy! 
Thank you for visting the blog during my abcense. 
with warmth Mariya

Friday, March 3, 2017

Growing in Silence

that was my 2016
please Spring come! I need new Skin and Bones..
I need new Ears
I need Water cause my tears are All gone now 
I promise I will paint my Heart again
I promise I will sculpture my Dreams again
I promise
I promise.. that I will grow my Garden again 
I promise I will find the Fountain in this desert of volcanic ashes
I will
 all the Images stolen by those hungry needles I will get back..
and the golden-needle cage I will Break in to thousend pieces 
 unchain my colored Lucid Dreams 
than I will ride the Night again..
I will hold her mane and kiss the Stars
I promise 
in Silence I will grow like a new born Child again
whispering in empty caves
and shallow forms
I am wondering in the ruins of my body
conjuring the Spring inside 
please Spring come
cause I need new Skin and Bones
give me Feet and Hands
let me Feel and Touch again
give me Love
free me from this Pain
and let my Soul be again