Sunday, September 10, 2023

Forest. Mystical Lieves, Before the Rain.


Dear Reader, I've been working this summer on some series of graphics and paintings inspired mainly by the place that I live. I want to capture in my Images the nature and the beautiful 19/20th century Art Nouveau/Jugendstil architecture which I love so much. There is a lot of nature around me as well despite the cityscape. Every summer the gardens literally explode in incredible colors and fragrances and the trees open there lieves like uncountable green fans in so many diffrent shapes and forms♡. Spring and Summer time creating the the most astonishing atmosphere here in deep colors and the light gives them a golden finish so that everything is glowing. It is amazing and I really love this living space and feel always inspired and thankful to live here. For many years now I was dreaming to invest some time to bring this beauty on paper and on canvas, especially the rose gardens. I am so happy that the time is now!


These photos are from my drawing/photo diary and showing my work process. The original graphic is drawn by me on format A2 42/59.4 cm. if you like you can contact me for the original art or enjoy it also as Giclee print in the original size or smaller one as well A3, A4.

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