Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Dear Friends,
Today I would like to introduce to you my bookmarks collection that consists of 21 different motives. The bookmarks measure 5 x 20 cm (1.9 x 7.8'') and are printed on three different papers. All given photographs show exclusive the gold paper edition, that means the bookmark has some kind of golden structure as you can see on the pictures hopefully. For the two other versions I used matte paper (the same as for the reproductions) and the third one has the same features like my notebook covers (thick paper and laminated from both sides). So you can decide which version will suit your favour the most.
I am actually very proud with quality of all the three versions, but I am especially fond of the result on the gold paper. It gives a special look to the colours and the nuances change a little bit when you look at the bookmark from different angles. I hope you will enjoy my designs.


  1. Обожавам книгоразделители и даже си ги събирам вече... Твоите са прекрасни, Мария! Как да не му се дочете на човек!:) Тази хартия наистина изглежда по-специална, хубаво е, че са отпечатани в няколко варианта. Успех!

    1. !!!Хей Росичка, мноооого ти благодаря за подкрепата!!! Хубав ден на теб, където и да си и каквото и да правиш!! Поздрави!