Monday, August 4, 2014

Schnuparnelessa Treasure

Shnuparnelessa lives in an old dusty library but she does not belong to any of the books, actually nobody describes her anywhere (not yet). Although everybody in the books knows her because she is the one who take care of the stories and particularly the words. She makes sure that words stay correct and on the right place (sometimes there are mistakes and some odd letters which are the favourite food of her, when she eat them the text is left correct and nice for reading). Shnuparnelessa does not have property (not yet) and it is her not allowed to change the stories she cares of, or to take stuff from the books. But what if someone would leaves their book for some vacation and drops unintentionally something on the shelf ? Something others can have a lot of fun with but will end up in a big mess if you don not know how to use it properly? I think Shnuparnelessa will get her own book one day :)

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