Monday, August 4, 2014


Here and There - Tuk Tam
Tuk-Tam is an amphibian animal. He lives in a small hole on the black see shore, his favourite food is fish and see weed. He looks like a fish because he likes to wear a fish suit. They call him Tuk And Tam in Enghlish Here-And-There because these are his favourite words which he murmurs while fishing. And he describes almost everything with those words. He will not harm you but if you try to catch him or poke a finger in its dwelling hole he can bite you very badly. If there is a family Tuk-Tams you should be very careful because a female Tuk-Tam can poison you you will not die but your hand will be numb at least for a day so you can not use it. It is better to start the friendship with the father or the grandfather... if you give them a present fish for example and if they like you, they will leave a beautiful pearl in your tent (or even a stinky/fish skin what means they like you a lot). Charming Creatures, aren't they? :) It was a pleasure to draw Tuk-Tam while he was stroking his new scales suit growling contentedly (the flower gives a nice colour, but he did not like it).

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