Friday, March 3, 2017

Growing in Silence

that was my 2016
please Spring come! I need new Skin and Bones..
I need new Ears
I need Water cause my tears are All gone now 
I promise I will paint my Heart again
I promise I will sculpture my Dreams again
I promise
I promise.. that I will grow my Garden again 
I promise I will find the Fountain in this desert of volcanic ashes
I will
 all the Images stolen by those hungry needles I will get back..
and the golden-needle cage I will Break in to thousend pieces 
 unchain my colored Lucid Dreams 
than I will ride the Night again..
I will hold her mane and kiss the Stars
I promise 
in Silence I will grow like a new born Child again
whispering in empty caves
and shallow forms
I am wondering in the ruins of my body
conjuring the Spring inside 
please Spring come
cause I need new Skin and Bones
give me Feet and Hands
let me Feel and Touch again
give me Love
free me from this Pain
and let my Soul be again